A Birthday That Lead To Happiness

Something I’ve been learning this year is that I had enough! I want to live well and happy!

OCTOBER 8, 2020

Today is my birthday! It was a day full of excitement and many surprises.

Today was a beautiful day. It went the way I wanted it to, I had no stress or anxiety about anything. Well I admit, I did feel it a bit at the end of the day and that's why I'm writing this. I learned something from loosing some of my friends that is not worth repeating but I did realize that today I begin to make decisions that will help me achieve the happiness that I have been looking for a long time.

Today I turn 24 years old and I have a family that is incredible, I could not have a better one. I have a boyfriend who gives me a smile, understanding, respect and above all affection and love every day. Friends, they are few, very few, maybe I have three but those three people are there for me unconditionally as I am for them. I am very grateful for what I have, it may seem little but are worth having.
Something I've been learning this year is that I had enough! Enough wasting time on things that are not worth it, we only live once,
I want to live well and happy.

A person very close to me has always told me that happiness is a decision and it is important to ask questions and answer them, for example, am I happy with the people around me? Is it useful to stress about something that will not happen? Do I really need those shoes? Answering series of questions will help us arrive at answers that are hidden deep within us, because this society is so damaged and is so demanding that we see what others want us to be and not what we really want to be. This is how I have been leading my life for the past few months and it has helped me so much, of course, there are times when I do not feel happy and I feel sad about various things that I have lost along the way. Wounds heal over time and it is important to acknowledge the feeling.

Today is my birthday and today I decide to start this year happy, start trying new things and end with stories that happened at the time. You should too. I seek to be a person of integrity, with values ​​and create, make art that not only benefits me, but also others, if not, why make it?


1. My family
2. My job
3. Ramen
4. Art
5. Values
6. Intelligence
7. My new picnic basket
8. Passion fruit juice
9. Virtual reality
8. Nice people

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