Dinner discussions — Not cool

So last week I got invited to a birthday dinner. I haven’t seen my friend since like a year when the pandemic started. If you scroll down into my past writings you can read that I went into a different direction with my group of friends and decided to make new ones. The friend who’s dinner were celebrating is one of my old group. I haven’t been able to catch up or haven’t heard what are they up to now. I have been talking to one friend of that group and told me there’s drama going on but I wasn’t interested in knowing what it was.

First, an advice, even though you don’t hang out with your old friends anymore, you can always say yes to an invitation because that means they want you there, it’s not a compromising invite.

So I put on mi cool shoes and new jeans and of course, a rockin’ attitude.

I arrived and I felt relieved because I was the only one in the guests list who didn’t had a problem with anybody. Isn’t that how friendships should work? Well, in this group if there isn’t drama, there’s something wrong.

So well by the time we were finishing our food and having a nice time, some of the girls got a little drunk and started to say aggressive things to the others and the others answered her with a shady tone and everything became a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” dinner fight. And hey, I’m an absolute fan of the show and I watch it every week but maybe I learned something, it’s so not cool when your present in one, now I get Yolanda! I just stayed silent because I didn’t knew what was going on! I mean, it was our friend’s birthday! What is the necessity to start a fight there!

I’m so over this.

I just left the dinner and let the other have their fight and decided not to come to another of this things they call “dinner birthday party”. So much bad energy! I literally texted my new friends what was going on and we were like that’s not cool at all!

So people! Open your eyes! Know who you’re real friends are! Life is too short to be dealing with this kind of things. How difficult is it to love others and be nice! The world is full of hate and ugly, we don’t need and army of them!

Now that I think about what went down Friday night, I think I could’ve handled it better. So here are 5 tips for you to follow if you have this experience of wanting to go to a party or not or end up being a watcher of a really verbally and bad discussion.

  1. Be authentic and say yes to every invite even if you don’t get along with anybody and show up alone. Be interested in everyone you night learn something new, put on a smile, enjoy the night!
  2. If you have an indifference with someone, talk it out before or after, not there. Is definitely not the place to engage into a fight and involve everyone else. Gossip can reach out.
  3. Let suppose you are in my position that don’t know what was going on and they want you to get involved. DON’T. Is not your fight. Just try to mediate or try to change the subject with someone you notice that is not involved in it. If you feel uncomfortable, say thank you and leave. Movies are always an option.
  4. On the other hand, you’re the one who started the fight or are involved somehow in the discussion, just say “this is not the time or place to talk about this” or “how about we talk about it tomorrow”. Trying to make someone feel less is not okay and so not good for the soul. If you want to feel cool by doing it, go ahead but I assure you will not feel fine the next day.
  5. Be kind and enjoy every day with people who you feel are worth it and give second opportunities to people who want to be in your life.

Stay positive and if you have the need to make a new group of friends! Do it! It’s never too late to make new ones!




Illustrator and new to comic books.

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Rebecca Slang

Rebecca Slang

Illustrator and new to comic books.

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