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  • Nina Jervis

    Nina Jervis

    Southendian freelance scribbler. If you become a subscriber, you can read more from me and other way more talented writers: https://ninaj.medium.com/membership

  • Ria Talken

    Ria Talken

    Bipolar 1/ADHD writer and lifestyle/travel blogger. Writing memoirs on my journey with mental illness. Living my best life in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!

  • Julie van Maanen

    Julie van Maanen

    Top writer in Parenting. Multi-lingual traveller, writer, learner, teacher. Raising my little girl in Cuba and Europe and cannot wait to show her the world.

  • Maurydek


    I immortalize thoughts by writing them.

  • Blessing Oluchukwu Awamba

    Blessing Oluchukwu Awamba

    I write about life as I experience it. As I know it. As it could be better. πŸ€” Reach out β€” fromoly2you@gmail.com.

  • Lotta Eirado

    Lotta Eirado

    Aussie turned Brit. Workaholic perfectionist (reformed). Non-conformist (practising). Television maker by day. Writer for the fun of it by night.

  • Hussan Ara

    Hussan Ara

    Hunza-GB#Nature#Peace#Love#Culture# Diversity#Generosity#Adventure# Travel#Food#People#History

  • John stavropoulos

    John stavropoulos

    Freelance Software Engineer β€” Full Stack Developer.

  • Sven Vandenberghe

    Sven Vandenberghe

    Father of four, Exercise physiologist. Submarine power cable installer. Writer. Sleep researcher & Dream analyst. https://www.self-induced.com

  • Esteban Giancaterino

    Esteban Giancaterino

    Painting is silent poetry, Poetry is blind painting - Leonardo da Vinci

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