My Sister Got In!

Have your ever had a dream so big that you want to make it true so badly that in the end you get something you haven’t hoped for but is better?

Well, what I’m about to tell you is something that happened to my sister while applying to do her masters.

Since she was a little girl, she dreamt of going to an ivy league someday in this case, Harvard.

Harvard has being her dream since I can remember. Everyone at her school knew that someday she would accomplish that dream. When she graduated high school going to the States wasn’t much of an option so she went to Mexico City and studied in a school where she met her best friends and grew professionally in the city.

She still had the obsession to apply to a Harvard some day. So she did. She started to take tests, write essays and everything that was a to do to apply. She sent applications to Harvard, Columbia and NYU.

It was December 25th (Christmas Day) and received and email from Columbia. She got in! You have no idea the excitement we had that day. One of the best days ever.

Time kept going and she hadn’t received letters from the other schools.

She received NYU’s letter. She got in too! With a scholarship! We were happy about it but not as much as Columbia. NYU was her last option but it was a good feeling that she got accepted to the majority of the schools she applied.

But, we were still waiting for the Harvard letter.

Two months later. Harvard updated her application status.

She didn’t get it.

It was a hard day I’m not going to lie because we all got into accomplishing her dream and it became our goal to pursue as well as a family. It’s hard when you want something so bad that when you don’t get it, it can get you through a tough patch. That’s why I keep writing about living the present and learn from mistakes to do better.

It was a tough week but, HEY! SHE GOT INTO COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY! TOP 2 SCHOOL IN THE WORLD! WOW! Not everyone gets through that. It’s one of the hardest things getting accepted to a top school like that. It’s not easy.

She accepted to go to Columbia and is happier than ever. She’ll have amazing teachers, classes that not even Harvard will give and also she’ll have New York City.

I’m in NYC today helping her out and you have no idea how cool the university is. FOMO ALERT!

So it doesn’t matter if you don’t get what you want, always have a plan b that will make you accomplish your goals. It doesn’t matter how you’re going to get there as long as you consider how valuable is the way your doing it. Learning from mistakes or life itself can be easy as long as you assimilate that everything passing by is closer to your main goal.

My sister learned that she’s incredibly proud of what she has accomplished so far and is excited to start a new chapter in there life. Wish her luck!



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