Things To Do While Being Isolated

So before we get into this, I need to tell you that I consider myself as someone who doesn’t asking about the virus it’s a subject I get tense about when it’s discussed. People who I talk to on a daily basis get really passionate about the subject and think they know everything and also everything you say about it is wrong. Like politics. When this pandemic started I panicked and everything felt horrible. Months later I decided to keep calm and carry on with my life.

I take care of myself by spending most of the time in my apartment, not going to unnecessary places or quarantine when I’m planing to see my parents or a trip and if I have any questions about something I would ask people who I truly trust, my parents.

For how much I ignore the news, what people say, take care of myself or ignore that this exists, I can’t help the fact that I could get it and it happened.
I have COVID.

I got the virus a few days ago because of my sister, she went to her best friend’s wedding and got it there. I got it by helping her out, passing food, water and whatever she needed. It started with a headache then my body hurt bad and fever kept going up. This lasted 3 days. The hard part is after, when you need to be isolated for 15 days. I felt lonely, angry and depressed. I just wanted to go out and feel the sun in my skin and get a hug from someone. I’m in day 17 and I still test positive, the doctor said it’s normal for this to happen but I’m fully recovered and not contagious. However, I still feel anxious and post-depressed from this situation, I can’t even imagine how people deal with this with kids or older people who need to feel accompanied.

Everybody gets it differently so if you can, get in touch with a family doctor or someone who can professionally recommend you how to deal with it. I don’t think it’s healthy for other people to recommend what to take or what to do when everybody needs to acknowledge that every body is different and we can react in distinctive ways. I got ‘tips’ from people who haven’t even got COVID. What makes people think that I would stop doing what my doctor said and changed the routine to something a friend told me. People are weird.

If you have a friend or a family member with COVID, let them breath, they’re not having a good time and just want to sleep. Intensity is not the solution to this.

I had the privilege to have my parents taking care of me during this sickness and I live with an enormous gratitude for everything they’ve done this past weeks.

I’ve heard some situations in which people are not willing to help others, they just run and treat them badly by saying how irresponsible the person was. I even know someone who wouldn’t let his roommate in the apartment when he tested positive. That’s not cool at all. We’re in a pandemic people! Let’s help others, the world is as ugly as it is, we don’t need to make it worse. Spread love, be nice and be comprehensive.

It doesn’t matter what type of vaccine you’ve got, it doesn’t make you better that others by getting vaxxed by Pfizer, not everybody has the same commodities or privileges that you have. What matters is to make sure your loved ones are healthy and what’s so complicated to be reasonable and help others? Take care, I haven’t been vaccinated and people who have is also getting COVID. So, Hug the people who you see and tell them something you like about them or remember an adventure and laugh about it. I learned and got though this by acknowledging that I need to leave nonsense behind, appreciate, enjoy little moments and love what I have in front of me, because you’ll never know when you’ll be seeing them again.

Here are some things you can do while being isolated:

  1. Learn a new skill on YouTube.
  2. Click ‘Shuffle Play’ on Netflix.
  3. Pray.
  4. Write down the things you want to do when you get out from isolation.
  5. Read!
  6. Forgive yourself for mistakes your regret.
  7. Listen to different music genres.
  8. Clean your closet and take out things your don’t wear anymore and donate them after your get though this.
  9. FaceTime or send a message to someone you haven’t been in touch.
  10. Clean your social media and follow interesting people who do the new skill you learned on YouTube.
  11. Write about something on a notebook.
  12. Give “Grace and Frankie” a chance and admire their friendship.
  13. Read a biography and pursue having a hero to admire.
  14. Subscribe to a newsletter.
  15. If you feel better, DANCE!




Illustrator and new to comic books.

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Rebecca Slang

Rebecca Slang

Illustrator and new to comic books.

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